Femme Ocean

In Femme Ocean female surfers break conventions on their way to cresting waves around the world.

When Teresa Ayala started to surf 44 years ago at the Portuguese coast, there where only boys in the water. Joana Andrade is fighting for her dream of surfing big waves at the Praia do Norte beach in Nazaré, known as the world´s biggest wave. Also from Portugal, Lizzy is transforming her love for surfing into art and creating awareness for environmental topics. Maryam El Gardoum is a female surf pioneer in Morocco and Sithmi Nawodya, the daugther of a fishermen fell in love with surfing in one of the first mixed surf schools in Sri Lanka. Each woman details her unique journey over gorgeously languid shots of some of the most beautiful beaches on earth. Ultimately, these surfers are testaments to the unique bond between women and the tides that move them.

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